Chicken Salad Bar   $11.00 per person

Try our tasty grilled chicken salad !  Your choice of grilled or fried chicken and two salad dressings!
Paired with our seasonal fruit tray  will be sure to impress your guests!

Grilled chicken salad bar includes:
· Choice of grilled chicken or fried tenders
· Mixed romaine lettuce
· Tomatoes
· Cucumbers
· Peppers
· Onions
· Cheese
· Croutons
· Chips & salsa
· Seasonal fruit tray
· Choice of 2 dressings

Ranch, Thousand Island, French, Italian, Honey Mustard,

Balsamic Vinegrette, Blue Cheese


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​Fajita Bar     $14.00 per person

What’s not to LOVE about our Fajita Package!
Add some spice to your party with our Fajita Bar! Delicious steak & chicken cooked with green peppers and onions will keep your party kicking!

Fajita Bar includes:

 Grilled chicken cooked with peppers, onions, & tomatoes
 Grilled steak cooked with grilled peppers, onions, &tomatoes
 Black or refried beans
 Sour cream
 Shredded cheese
 Chips & Salsa



WRAPS     $11.00 per person

​Do you need something light and simple?
Try our wrap package!
We offer two wrap options:
· Caesar Wraps: Wrap filled with grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, & caesar  dressing
· Fajita—Style Wraps: Wrap filled with grilled chicken, pico, lettuce, & shredded cheese

Each Wrap Package Includes:
¨ Half a wrap per person
¨ Seasonal fruit or Vegetable tray
¨ Fruit dip or Ranch dressing
¨ Chips & Salsa


From the Grill Menu

Our menu items from the grill allows you to customize your own menu  for your special event or party! So many options that can make

the perfect menu for any event that you are hosting. 

You will impress your guest with Santana’s from the grill!

​Please call for pricing and customizing your menu.
~Chicken tips with peppers & onions 
~Sirloin tip with peppers & onions 
~Pork Chop 
~Grilled Shrimp
~Grilled chicken breast
~Hamburger Steak with peppers & onions 
~Rib-eye Steak 
~Prime Rib 
~Fried Chicken 

Side Items: Garden Salad, Sweet Potato, Baked Potato, Steamed  broccoli, Creamy corn, Fried Squash, Fried Okra, Fries, Black beans, Baked beans, Refried beans, Steamed Vegetables, Garlic mashed    potatoes, Rice, Guacamole Salad,  or Homemade potato chips



NACHO BAR     $12 per person

A definite favorite!  Our nacho bar will please anyone on your guest list.
Perfectly seasoned ground beef and seasoned chicken make this bar a hit!

Nacho Bar includes:
Shredded chicken
 Ground beef
 Black or refried beans
 Cheese dip
 Sour cream
 Chips & Salsa


​​TACO BAR     $10 per person

​Everything you need to make your own tacos! This package allows your guests to make their own custom tacos! With multiple choices of meat and toppings every guest is sure to leave happy!

Taco Bar Includes: ( 2 tacos per person)
 Shredded chicken
 Ground beef
 Black or refried beans
 Shredded cheese
 Fresh chopped tomatoes
 Sour cream

 Chips & Salsa


​Now let’s get started on your
perfect party today!

~Call us to place your order
~Tell us what you have in mind
~Number of guests 
~ Date & Time you want

it delivered
~Meal choice you would

like to serve
~Sit back and relax

while we do all the work!


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